Saturday, January 25, 2014

Introducing the Daisy Scouts

 This month we have started a new journey with the Girl Scouts.  It's something I have thought for a long time and I'm glad we are in!  I love what the Girl Scouts stands for, what they encourage and just the sisterhood of it all.  I like that both of my girls will belong to something great.

So nothing like hitting the ground running.  Our first meeting was Cookie distributions!  So the next day, with blue tunics on we hit the pavement to try and sell some cookies.  Unfortunately sales were not too good on our block.  We got everything from "I have diabetes" to "I don't like cookies".  Come on people - buy the cookies and give them away.

 Then we went across the street to Mr. McCarty, who was actually interested in buying cookies.  So he asks Olivia what her favorite cookie is, to which she responds, "Chocolate Chip".  Ummm.. . . . . there is NO CHOCOLATE CHIP!!!!  Then it occurred to me that neither girl has tried a single girl scout cookie ever in their life.  So we made a b-line to the house and opened every single package and had a cookie tasting.  It was kind of fun.  We each took a bite of the each cookie and then described it and decided whether or not we liked it or not.
 Then I asked both girls what their favorite cookies were.  These were their top choices - yes all of them!
 Then we had to fill the orders that Daddy had taken at work.  Juliana was checking the list and Olivia was packing the boxes.

 And of course they both LOVE this stuff because it's like playing store but with real money!

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