Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Ugh! I went yesterday to the natural store and bought some liquid vitamin supplement that was supposed to be amazing. I get home and try it . . . YUCK!!! It is just poly-vi-sol that Juliana used to take. So I go to return it today and in the car I can even smell it. Disgusting. The I realize it's dripping out. So now there is vitamin dripping g down the sides and onto my gloves. I look around and find wipies. Pull one out only to find they are dry as a bone!!! Ugh! Wait I have a bottle of water. I will poor that in to wet them again. Apparently they were so dry they were incapable of absorbing any moisture so I just ended up pouring a full bottle of cold water over my legs and crotch. Ugh! And I still have vitamin all over the bottle and now my gloves and now wet pants. — feeling annoyed.

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