Saturday, January 18, 2014

Meeting Baby Joy

So one of the many unfortunate things about Rett Syndrome is that we go through a lot of therapist.  Juliana gets Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Speech and Massage.  And unfortunately we go through many many therapist.  We tried to count the other day how many therapist she has worked with since we started this journey and we could come up with at least 27 in about 6 years.  And thankfully I have to say that most of her therapist have been AWESOME!  The first couple times we lost a therapist I would cry.  Ok, bawl.  It was like we had lost a family member, someone we had learned to trust and had gotten to know and celebrated all of our little mile stones with.  I literally would grieve, until we got to know the next one and I quickly learned (1) There are a lot of really awesome therapist out there and (2) each person that has touched Juliana has added something in a positive way or brought something more out of her.  So, as with many other things on this journey, we have learned to trust God, he truly knows what he's doing and who we need in our life.  

Wow - all that being said, we still get really attached to some of our therapist.  One in particular was Ms. Kirsten.  I want to say she worked with Juliana for almost two years and she really "got" Juliana. She believed in her, encouraged her and loved her.  So you can imagine how sad we were when she decided to stay home with her new baby Joy but we couldn't me happier for her.  Joy is a lucky baby.

And so Ms. Kirsten stopped by to introduce Juliana to the new baby and Juliana was so excited!  She loves babies!

 She just couldn't contain herself!

 And then before I could stop her she planted a huge kiss on little Joy's face.  (Kiss = open mouthed lick!)

 And maybe she snuck in one more little kiss.
The smiles and giggles just went on an on.

 Then finally Olivia got a turn.  Unfortunately by the time Liv got her she was a little fussy.  In her defense she has been at a shower earlier and was well due for a nap.

 There we go.  Nothing that a paci couldn't fix.

 Then Juj got some Ms. Kirsten cuddles and giggles.

 Good luck Ms. Kirsten on your new adventure.  Stay in touch!

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