Saturday, March 22, 2014

Full Circle

 So funny story.  A long, long time ago, in a far away land (Rhode Island), I worked for one of my favorite bosses to date.  I was working as an H.R. Assistant and Ed Burke was my boss.  (I learned so much and laughed so hard during my time there).  So occasionally I would babysit for his adorable two daughters and son.  They must have all been under four years of age at the time and Robin and I would watch them do River dance while we watched them.

So fast forward about 20 years.  That little River Dancing little girl Kaylen moves to Dallas and we have the privilege of meeting her for dinner.  We hit it off great.  The girls loved her and now she is helping us out with Golf for a Cure!  Kaylen you rock! and we are so glad we got to meet you!  Here's to many more dates in the near future (Liv is still going to hold you to coming over!)

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