Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Egg Hunts and Corneal Abrasions

Okay, so totally not the Easter weekend we were hoping for.  The plan was awesome.  Aunt Melissa was coming with the kids and Ty (Liv's bff).  They haven't been to Dallas in a year.  We were going to die eggs, have a confetti egg hunt, have a great big cook out and just enjoy being together.  And then Aunt Melissa was going to have to leave early Sunday.

So we got up early Saturday, anxiously waiting for Aunt Melissa to get there.  Of course we had to get the girls dressed because they would be mortified if the company came over and they were still in pajamas.  So in a hasty rush to get dressed (and a shirt that is clearly too tight for Juliana) daddy and his extremely dry knuckle apparently scratched the heck out of Juliana's cornea.  She didn't cry at first, just wouldn't open up the eye.  After over an hour she still wouldn't open and then she started crying.  And Juliana is not a cryer by nature.  She will whine or complain at times, but never a cryer.  This of course is right about the time that Aunt Melissa gets here.  So we hugged and welcomed our guests as Juliana and I headed to the emergency room:(

Luckily while we were there, Olivia and Ty managed to die the eggs for us and get dinner going.  We made it home around 5:15 with an official diagnosis: corneal abrasion.  And p.s. she still wouldn't open her eyes.  Like not at all.  Not even for Mickey Mouse.  She was like a little blind girl.  So needless to say it put quite a damper on our Easter celebration, since a. she was in pain and b. she wouldn't open her eye.  So we got through dinner and Juliana went to bed pretty early.

The good news is Liv and Ty still managed to play their hearts out.  They literally played until 1am (I know, terrible parents) until they both literally fell to the ground and fell asleep.  The grown ups quickly followed suit.  Lights out.

Fast forward about 7 hours when Olivia hurls into the room devastated because guess what?  The Easter Bunny didn't come.  Our baskets were empty.  Luckily I was quick on my feet and explained that since her and Ty stayed up so late, he probably came, realized there were kids awake and moved to the next house.  This of course explained the problem but didn't make her feel better.  She was so upset.  So while she was eating breakfast, I. . . . I mean the Easter Bunny left some treats out back.  Apparently when the kids stay up too late he just leaves surprises outside so no one sees him.  Sneaky little bunny.
 We strolled Juliana out to see the glorious treats, but guess what?  She still wouldn't open her eyes:(  Roger was convinced she was punishing him at this point.
 So we decided to proceed with the egg hunt sans our cousins.  And yes, I know this looks ridiculously dangerous considering she has a scratched cornea, but we figured she still has her eyes closed and she wouldn't want to miss out - #parentsoftheyear

 See - there is an almost smile!  I mean who wouldn't smile right before smacking an egg on your sister?

 Yes, even the 15 year old dog got an egg cracked on her.

 So after our hunt and sat on the porch swing and watched The Barbie Mermaid movie, as you do on Easter.  And this just made me laugh, these are Liv's yard shoes that she uses to avoid mud or poop on any good shoes.  She's a hill billy.
 And this was a pic of an amazing carrot cake that I, Kristy Brooks, made from scratch - even the icing.  It was so delicious.
 And this is my little Juj Sunday evening.  Barely opening that eye, but at least it's open!  Thank you Jesus - It's an Easter Miracle!

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