Sunday, April 13, 2014

Playing Pretend

One of the best parts of having kids this age is their ability to pretend.  For Juliana, it's something we probably don't do enough with her, but she LOVES doing.  It makes perfect sense.  Because when you pretend, there are no limits.  So today, Roger and the girls were playing pretend.  I'm not sure how they got on the topic of Hawaii, but they were pretending to be on a Hawaiian island.  They had a boat (pillow) and the beach (blankets).  They had to swim ashore and laid out on the beach.  They looked up pictures on google and discovered hula girls and hula dances.  So they invented their own hula dances and what the dances were about.  I listened in and thought - How cool.  

So the next day I asked the girls about their Hawaiian adventure and I asked them if they would like to go there some time.  Of course a resounding YES!  So we made a list of all the places the they have traveled and all the places we would like to explore together.  A sort of family travel bucket list.  And it was amazing that they knew of so many places and the excitement they showed in wanting to explore the world.  So I'm not sure how far we will get on this list, or it we will ever check each place off the list, but it's a dream of ours now.  And it is prominently thumb tacked on their cork board, directly above their bed.  So they can dream of all the places we have been together and all the places we have yet to go.  And I hope to add to the list.

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