Tuesday, April 8, 2014

14 Years!

I can't believe we have passed the 14 year mark (actually 19 years since we started dating!)  So my sweet dear husband decided to surprise me this morning with a scavenger hunt/word scramble (Which by the way is totally his MO, it's how he asked me to marry him, but that's another story for another day).  So after he left for work he revealed the clues, which led me to an envelope full of cut up letters that I was supposed to unscramble.

This is what I got.  Umm. . . hello!  I have always sucked terribly at games like hangman and Wheel of Fortune.  This is hopeless!
 Okay, let me give this a try.  How about this?
 Because who doesn't need 3 day protection on a corky tree?  Next:
 Yes, I'm aware it's misspelled, but who couldn't use a terra cotta bed?  Next:
 That would be a treat right?  Either roasted or a nice little cup of elote with all the fixin's.  Next:
 I was excited about a better corner patio rock! Next..........
Yes Ma'am - You know it!  We are going to see Katy Perry!!!!!

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