Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Amazing Brooks Babes!

What a fantastic weekend. So much to share about my beautiful babes. Where to start . . .

1. The Potty Princess!!!!! Don't get too excited, but we are officially on the road to Pantyville with Olivia. She is really into the panty wearing part of things - I mean who could blame her. They are much softer than those stinky diapers and the kid has some amazing panties. So we started on Saturday and ended the day with 3 wet panties. Sundays stat was only ONE wet panty at the end of the day!!!!!!! Of course I don't trust her out of the house with panties or while she is sleeping, but we are definitely making some serious progress. And she has a great mentor. Her good friend Faith at daycare is a year older and Olivia totally looks up to her. So she wants to do everything "Faithy" does, only she can't say "Faithy" so she calls her "Fee Fee". It makes her sound very sophisticated, like she has French friends. Anyhow, here is my potty princess showing off her new "peedy" (translation = pretty) panties.

2. Huge Juju news. So, my Juju is brilliant as you know and although she can't talk we've been exploring other ways to figure out what she is saying. Often times you can look at her eyes and figure things out, but sadly sometimes we don't catch on fast enough. So we were looking into buying her a switch to communicate. It's basically a button she can push with a pre-recorded word or phrase. So, while we were at Disneyland, we found these Mickey buttons that you push and it says "Oh Boy!" and a Goofy one that says "Gawrsh". So we literally told her while we were feeding her that when she wanted more juice she needed to push the button, and we showed her how to push it. Before we knew it, she was pushing for juice. Sometimes we thought it was a fluke, but then she started pushing it repeatedly until she got the juice and then she would stop. She is amazing and I can't wait to until the day when she can communicate all that goes through that beautiful mind of hers.

And these are my little girls watching tv together. Olivia has been extra affectionate to her big sister lately and it's so adorable. If they aren't together Olivia is constantly asking for "shissy" (translation = Sissy) or "Juju".

And here are some fun pictures we took at the park today. As you can tell the sun was rather bright, but after I saw them I actually thought they looked pretty cool. You can actually see the rays of sun radiating though my little munchkins! I love these girls!!!!

And this is just a little clip of Juliana on the swing. She was having such a great time and giggling so much. Unfortunately we took this video with my phone, so quality not so good, but I think you'll enjoy!


  1. This is too cute. I love the pictures. The girls look like they had a blast at the park. Go Livi on the potty training. 2010 here you girls go.....

  2. Love this post - filled with so much good news!! I love those buttons you got at Disney - great idea!! I am sure she is thrilled to be communicating her needs to you in a way you understand! LOVE IT!! LOVE HER!!! Hugs to you all!

  3. So cute!!! Love the video of Juju on the swing. You have such a lovely voice!! LOL!