Thursday, January 28, 2010

If only I were an Octopus. . . .

Please don't misunderstand the title. What I am longing to be is an Octopus, not to be confused with Octo-mom. But seriously, ever since I spent the first few weeks with Juliana, I have always longed for more arms. It seems that as a mother, arms are always lacking. In the first few days I needed 1. to hold the baby, 2. to hold the bottle and 3. to use the remote or the phone. But as they get older the demand for arms increases exponentially. Anyway, this will all become a lot more relevant as you continue to read.

So for those who don't know, both the girls have RSV. Yes, I said it RSV and I don't mean RSVP - ha ha. Anyhow, it sucks! It is like having the worst cold of your life complete with fever up to 104, chills, enough snot to fill a bath tub and horrible chest congestion. It started on Tuesday for them. Roger took day one, I took day two and three and now Roger is bringing it home and staying home with them for day four of RSV.

So the following is how they woke up this morning, yes with more fever. . . (and yes, those are cool wash cloths on their heads, not babushkas)

And then as the day progressed I thought I should take them back to the doctor and make sure there was nothing else to do. I mean seriously when I was a kid EVERY time we went to the doctor we left with a shot in the rear and a prescription. I'm so tired of the "let it run it's course" advice. I want something that will kick this virus' booty! Or just give me a placebo pill that will make us think it's kicking it's booty! Well, I knew it. Livi had some wheezing, so here is a picture of her doing her breathing treatment.
And here is where Octopus Mom (not Octo-mom) would have rocked it out. So here I am holding her mask with one hand and scratching Juliana's back with the other (because she is desperate for a nap and scratching and squirming). Then Olivia decides I need to hold the ipod. So I go on for awhile juggling back scratching, mask and ipod. So I guess Olivia found this humorous because now she is insisting that I hold her juice, then her doll. I thought, if I were an Octopus, I'd show you! And I'd still have 3 hands to spare! Okay, kind of rambly, but this was my thinking at the doctor.
Pray for a quick recovery or a genie that can give me 6 additional arms!


  1. Man, your girls sure know how to make sick look cute! Hope they are on the road to recovery very soon.

  2. Oh poor babies!!! I hope they both get better soon. Oh, and when you find that genie, send him my way kay? :)