Friday, January 29, 2010

Sicky Girls Update

So basically RSV has been kicking our butt. Here we are on day 4 and not much has changed. We are still swimming in snot, coughing until we turn blue and if we don't continue our Tylenol/Motrin Cocktail the fever comes back with a vengeance!

So here is a little snapshot of my adorable patients. As with everything else, they each have such strong personalities that even though they both have RSV, they are very different patients.

Juliana is a much more compliant patient and pretty easy to keep happy. She loves to lay out on the couch and cat nap the day away.

I guess she takes after her father because here is Roger also enjoying a cat nap. And in case you didn't notice, yes that little bundle in the lower left corner is Olivia. Who will not on her own accord lay down for a nap. She is determined to fight and stay awake.

Only that sometimes she loses the fight and ends up falling asleep in some compromising positions.
On to their eating habits. While it is very common with RSV to lose your appetite, Juliana apparently did not receive that memo. She (very thankfully) has continued to eat pretty much as she normally does. This for example was her dinner: Ground Turkey, Brown Rice and Black Beans.
As you can guess, Olivia did get the memo on appetite loss because she hasn't eaten much of anything since Tuesday. Since Tuesday, I believe she's had a spoon of macaroni and cheese, maybe half a pack of fruit chews and a forced spoon of mashed potatoes. The picture below was her dinner for tonight . . .
Hey - at this point I am thrilled if she will just keep drinking and I'm thinking there has to be some nutritional value in M&M's, right?

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  1. If I could give you the MOM AWARD FOR THE YEAR I would for sure. You did an amazing job taking care of everyone. Did you get to take a nap?????