Monday, January 4, 2010


Brace yourself. . . there are a lot of pictures here (and this isn't even half of them) so feel free to scroll quickly through. This is our trip to Disneyland. For those of you who know Juliana, you know that this was a pilgrimage of sorts to go and visit her one and only love . . . . Mickey Mouse. While we weren't able able to get any really great shots of Juliana with Mickey, rest assured, she was HAPPY. I think she had a permanent grin the entire 5 days we were there.

Here we are on our first morning in California. Look how cute we look in our matching shirts.

Nick, Eddie & Phillip
Laura & Gary
Omi & Opi
Here we are
Here we are on our first day in Disney. Sadly it was a pretty cold and rainy day. We didn't last too long that day.
Here is my valiant husband trying retrieve the sword. My brave knight! Here is Juliana on the first ride we rode, the Pinocchio ride. Do you think she's impressed?
Here is Livi. Could her eyes be any wider?
And this was by far Olivia's favorite ride. I believe she rode it a total of 4 times. Gotta love the classics
Here they are nice and dry again after a very wet day. I guess they didn't get enough of that mouse yet.
Here we are outside the first night watching the fireworks from our hotel.
As you can tell from my face they were amazing but unfortunately my camera didn't do well with the flash and all. But trust me, they were awesome!

This was the next day when we were allowed out without babies. So we got to ride some great big kid rides. Here we are on Space Mountain. Did baby Roger actually shut his eyes?
This is the mob of people that was at Disneyland on New Year's Eve! We actually waited in line for the Indiana Jones ride for 130 minutes! UGH! And while we were fighting the crowd, Juliana spent the day with her Godmother being silly!
Okay, I've discovered that these pictures may be completely in the wrong order, but hey, how would you know. So here is a picture of our favorite breakfast. "Mouska-Pancakes"
Here is Juliana and Daddy on the Dumbo ride.
Here is Juliana and Gary on our favorite ride - It's a Small World!
And here is Olivia with Mickey Mouse. Unfortunately at this time Juliana passed out for a nap. Olivia enjoyed every second of her time with Mickey. He even kissed her hand!!!
And this was the highlight of the trip. This was the Playhouse Disney show, where all their favorite characters came out and they played all of Juliana's favorite songs! Again, sorry for not photos of my girls but somebody, whose name we won't mention (ROGER!!!!!!!!!!) gave our camera to my nephew who was not sitting near enough to catch some good pictures of their reactions, but trust me they were priceless!
This is Olivia's favorite show - Little Einsteins
Here is Gary and Juliana on the Carousel
This was a neat 3D show we went to.
Here we are outside of California Adventure in the "A" from California
And here is just another of many of Juliana and her enormous smile with her Nino Gary! Gotta LOVE that smile!


  1. oh it looks like so much fun!!!! So glad you guys had a great time! Love all the pics!

  2. I can barely type through my tears...Juliana looks so happy! It looks like all of you had a good time, too.

  3. great pictures and what a great time it looks like all of you had.