Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3rd Annual Monteleone Fundraiser for Rett Syndrome!

I figured I would start this post with a picture from the first day we got to El Paso.  Picture the mood, we had just driven over 10 hours in 2 days, stayed in a rancid hotel room and it's HOT.  Juliana's mood was pretty "ho-hum" given the circumstances; but you should have seen her face when her Auntie Laura walked into the room!  OMG!  I hadn't seen her giggle like that in awhile.  She absolutely LOVES her Auntie Laura and Uncle Gary.  So despite the long trip, this face was totally worth it!
Which brings us to the BIG DAY!
Special thanks to our sponsors!

This room is known as the "Speak Easy Room" and this is the last time I saw the room empty!
The back of the restaurant!
Sign up sheets for the Auction.  It was pretty cool.  So all day you could bid on item in a (like a silent auction) then in the evening it would change to a live auction!  So much Fun!
The following are just a lot of the amazing people that made this day possible.  The El Paso Dream Team brought in over $18,000!  Thank you to everyone who helped cook, clean, wait tables, clean tables, sell tickets, get sponsors, get donations, sell raffle tickets and everything else that you did to make the day such a huge success.  And thanks to all the hundreds of El Pasoans that supported this event by dining with us that day or by your generous donations.  We can't thank you enough!

Roger sitting down on the job!

Omi with the secret recipe!

Even the Bishop of El Paso came out to show support!  Thank you Bishop Ochoa!

Hanging out at the jail!

Patio with a DJ!  Thanks Guys!
Taking a break inside! Always a smile with Auntie Laura!

I want to know their funny secret!

Just some of the hundred of to-go orders they prepared!

Thanks Laura for face painting!

These guys are the local celebrities "Outbreak" and awesome band that played for us that day!  You guys ROCK!

This is Mr. Frindina - We stayed at his beautiful Holiday Inn Express in Downtown El Paso!  If was very nice and a perfect location for us!  Thank you so much!

And these were our wonderful auctioneers!

This is a piece of art donated by Eastwood High School Art Department - also happens to be Omi's FAVORITE gum!

This is a piece that Gary's sister made from California.  Thanks Chris!

Roger and Beth A.K.A the accountants for the evening!

And this is Mr. Frindina as we were leaving.  Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality!

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  1. All the pictures are so good. The first one and the last picture capture so many feelings. I am going to print them out. I love Juliana. Someday there will be a cure and we will all shout it from the Mountain Tops.