Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July Festivities!

I can't believe that Fourth of July has already come and gone.  I'm a little late putting these up, but better late than never!

Here we are with little Maddie. 
 The usual Fourth of July Crew - minus Gabbi in this picture.
 Maddie and I again.  My friend Linda took some great pictures of the kids and group, but she NEVER sends me the pictures!!!!! Ugh!  Love you Lin!
And this is tradition for Juliana.  Every year at the parade, despite the marching bands and loud music, she takes a nap.  I can't say I blame her - it was pretty hot.
 So after we got home and everyone cooled off we headed to the pool.  And Juliana's favorite part of pool time is laying out. 
 And Livi's favorite part of pool time is. . . . . . . All of it!

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  1. Really good pictures of everyone. Cute pictures at the pool. July 4th nothing like it...