Monday, July 25, 2011

Monteleone Volunteer Meeting!

So, the night before our big event, the Monteleone's hosted a delicious dinner for all the volunteers to pump everyone up and give last minute instructions.  The restaurant was packed, I couldn't believe all these people were here to volunteer!

Here are all of the sponsors for the event!
 Wouldn't all fit on one wall!
 Here is the Dallas Caravan!
 Here is Gary welcoming everyone.
 Rog - making us all cry with his thank you speech!
 Look at all these people and this was just about 1/3 of the volunteers we had!

 Juju and Risa just haning out.
 Then after the meeting we partook in a Monteleone tradition.  I'm not exactly sure on how this works, but from what I understand they passed out these little German bottles of fig schnapps.  Then all at once you pound the bottle on the table, shoot the schnapps and then put the little metal bottle top on your nose.  Again, not sure of the significance, but it sure is fun!
 Go Karen!  And p.s. - look at all the volunteers in the back!!!
 Laura, are you always so serious - NOT!
 Beth and Laura!
 Gary - that fits on your nose soooo well!
 Edric& Susie

 This is a picture of my sister's old crew from high school.  Many had not seen each other since high school and it was just so awesome that despite the years, they just picked up where they left off and worked their butts off all for Juliana.  Thank you so much girls - you ROCK!!!!!!!!
 This is Xochitl and it was also her birthday.  She was one of the MVP's for this year's event.  In addition to getting a ton of donations, she is also the lovely lady that initiated the Mayor's Proclamation!  Thank you so much Xochitl! (She is also by the way the woman responsible for all of these amazing photos!  She is a rock star!!!)

 Olivia enjoying her cake!
 Juju enjoying her cake!
 After the belly is full with cake, what's better than some tv?
 And this was Olivia's new friend Laura.  Olivia wanted to show her Juliana's PODD book so they spend about an hour looking through the book and trying to copy the icons.  Crazy girls!

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  1. What love for Juliana. There is love in every picture. God for sure is watching over her. Someday there will be a cure and with efforts like this it may be sooner then we think.