Sunday, July 31, 2011

From Your Little Mouth Straight to God's Ears

So, this afternoon while we are having dinner Olivia starts telling me about all the things she is going to do when she "gets big".  You know, she is going to wear make up, she is going to be big like me, and be a mommy (the usual stuff).  And the she said,

"And you know mommy that I am going to drive when I get big" (terror filled my heart when she said this) and then she followed it up with "And I'm going to drive me and Juju to the water park and we are going to go all by our selves because we will be big girls!" Juliana smiled big and for a second I pictured them, both big girls, and heading to the water park all by them selves!  Thank God for amazing sisters!  I can't wait to see them driving off like Thelma and Louise!


  1. This is so sweet. They are lucky to have each other. They are going to be very close. I can see them now in a cute little car driving off to the water park. Livi and Juju are two wonderful little girls.