Sunday, September 18, 2011

Follow Up to - Juliana is a Rebel

So, for those of you keeping up with my rebel daughter, I thought I would share the outcome.  So, she got home and I asked her with her yes/no buttons if she had a good day.  And she quickly said "Yes".  I asked if she was a good girl and did she listen to her teachers and she quickly responded "Yes".  Then I asked if she had apologized and she immediately broke eye contact and would not answer.  I thought this might just be a fluke, or maybe she was tired of answering questions.  So I let it go and go find her notebook that her teacher and I correspond it and this is what it read, "We turned on her computer and asked her if she had anything to say to us and she quickly responded, "I was just kidding""  What do you say to that.  Typical five year old.  OMG!!!  Did I just say that?  Can you see me smiling?!!!!!

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  1. Juliana you are amazing. I love that you are five now. I can see your Mom smiling right now. She loves you so much. You are one lucky girl to have a loving Mom like you do. You will always have her by your side.