Friday, September 30, 2011

Watch Out World - Brooks Babes are Kickin' Boot-Tay!

Just have to brag about what an awesome week the girls have had.  And here is why:

1. Olivia got her red balloon at school.  They have all the letters of the alphabet grouped into 5 "balloons".  When they can identify those letters and tell the sound they get a balloon.  She now has 4 out of the 5 balloons!
2. Juliana took 325 steps at school one day this week (and over 200 another!)
3. Livi has memorized her 3rd prayer and quickly on to her fourth (she currently knows the Our Father, Hail Mary and Act of Contrition - working on Glory Be)
4. Juliana answered "where" questions with her teacher with 100% accuracy - Go Ms. Morton and her awesome team!!!
5. Olivia is training at school for a Fun Run Fundraiser.  She comes home exhausted everyday.  Today she fell asleep on the couch before dinner and decided to call it a night.
6. At Music Therapy Juliana accurately identified all colors of shaker eggs
7. Also at Music Therapy she attempted to sing with Che Ho several times and picked up and shook the tambourine!
8. When asked after Music therapy was over if she thought she had done a good job, Juliana firmly answered, "YES!"  I would say so!

It's so easy to get bogged down when something doesn't go as planned or you hit a little bump in the road.  But boy, you have a week like this and you feel like you can take on the world.  These girls are truly amazing and we are so lucky to get to be their parents!

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  1. I was doing the Sunday morning chores and thought I will come and check some things on the old internet. I am so glad I did. So proud of you girls. It sounds like you both had an amazing week. i am so proud of you. Keep up you good school work. I know you both are the best students any teacher could ask for. Love you both,