Saturday, February 23, 2013

Disney Half Marathon Expo

So the next morning we were up and ready to work the Disney Princess Expo.  It is really an awesome time because you have over 20,000 people coming through and most were really interested in learning about Rett Syndrome and our girls.  So many people signed up to run with next year!

 Then we were off to get our race bibs.  It's official!

 Here we are with Ingrid Harding, founder of GP2C and fellow Rett mom
 Even Wally got into the groove with his flower tatoo!
 More of our team!
 This was really cool.  New Balance had a huge wall of all of the over 20,000 names of all of the runners running this half marathon.  Here I am!
 After working the Expo we headed to Downtown Disney for a stroll.  This was a lego Lock Ness, I guess.
 We decided to go get manicures and then headed to Carraba's to "Carb it Up" for dinner.  After dinner we decided to all cram into Wally and Ronda's car.  Not bad, 7 people in a tiny Nissan.

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