Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day + True Confessions

So here is Juliana getting her Valentine's Day cards ready.  Unfortunately we waited until the day before Valentine's Day and after dinner. So despite the fact that Olivia begged me to fill out her Valentine's Day cards, I told her "No 'mam.  It is 8:30pm and your party is not until Friday.  Tomorrow is Thursday, so you have a whole other day to fill your cards out."  Of course she cried all through her shower begging and pleading that her party is also tomorrow.  I of course insisted, because really, what does a 4 year old know.  So, she cried herself to sleep and we went about our evening.  So the next day, I send the poor kid (you know where this is going) to school with nothing but her backpack and lunch, because remember her party is Friday, right? WRONG!!!! I don't know where I came up with this crazy idea about her party being on Friday.  It wasn't.  It was on Thursday, you know ON Valentine's Day!!!  So Thursday afternoon I receive a picture text from a friend that had taken off from work to go to said party.  Yes, thank you, Mother of the Year right here.  I felt absolutely terrible.  I went and picked her up from school and begged her forgiveness.  And as my eyes welled up with tears, do you know what this four year old said to me?  She said, "It's ok mommy.  You don't need to feel bad.  I forgive you."  Who is this kid?  I love her so much, my little sweet heart.

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