Sunday, February 24, 2013

Today's the Day

Say Hello to the Dallas Team of runners.  Linda, Demekia, Amber, myself, Barbara (all running for Team Juliana) and Ronda running for Team Courtney!  We actually had to catch the bus at 3:30am!  I know, right! But on a serious note, I will never be able to express how it felt to have you all there, all the way from Texas, running for my little girl.  You are an amazing bunch and Juliana and I are so blessed to have you all in our life.

This is my awesome Rett Family!  The four of us ran together last year as well.  Soojung, Tina, Niki and myself.  I love these ladies, it is part of the reason I get my tired old self to Florida to run 13.1 miles.  Don't get me wrong, Juliana is my inspiration.  But these ladies are like my reward for working hard to get there.  They are amazing girls and I am just so lucky to have such incredible ladies that just get this world that I live in. These are the girls that despite the fact that our busy lives do not allow us to talk that often, we can pick up as if no time has passed. It is becoming our once a year reunion and I hope it continues for many years.
We started in corral C
Here is Soojung shakin' it before the start
And here I am at mile 1.
Here is mile marker 2. Isn't it creepy that it is STILL dark out!
This is where I finally entered the Magic Kingdom.  Yes, you will see lots of selfies because I ran this solo for the majority of the race.  Of the 6 of us that came from Dallas, only 3 out of 6 of trained.  So the 3 that did train were far ahead of us and the 3 that didn't were at different levels of readiness.  So we met up a couple times along the way and then went our own way.
Mile 3 is when I met up with Linda!
This was part of my favorite part of the race.  The castle is actually the half way mark!  Here we come!
And here I go
Mile Marker 6 and I was running solo again.  Running with friends was nice, but running solo really makes you think.  And I ran, my thoughts went immediately to Juliana.  How hard we push her and how hard she works every single day to do the most simplest of tasks.  And for the most part she does it with out any complaints.  She is my hero.  In that tiny 6 year old body is a warrior!

Yes mam you do!
I'm on the home stretch now!

This is me at mile marker 12.  

You can tell in my crazy face that I am fighting off tears.  Because right before hitting this mile marker my husband sent the following video text message.
I know it's not that dramatic, but when your mind is already thinking of your amazing family and the reasons why you're doing this and then you get this message, well it pretty much smacks you the face.  And it didn't help that everyone around me heard as well and you heard a resounding "AHHHHHH"

Here I am in front of Epcot, which is also the ending point!!!!
Here we are - the last .1 of a mile is always the worst!
And yes, that crazy face again is me trying to fight of tears.
Ronda and I holding our medals and our inspirations
This is for you Juliana!
Go Team GP2C!

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