Saturday, February 16, 2013

Liv's Birthday!

I have to say I am not really good at the whole kid party thing.  I suck at coming up with a theme and usually just let Liv pick out a hodge podge of different things.  Take for example the cake.  Not sure what the theme is other than generic Bratz on a purple/pink cake.  Not what I would have chosen, but hey, it's not my birthday. 
 Then I asked her what she wanted to do as an activity at her party.  She picked out piggy banks.  Lots of fun, but do you see where I'm going with we don't really have a theme to this party. 

 Then by her own choice again, she requested a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
 She snuck a peek and managed to place the tail precisely where the tail should go on the donkey.  I jokingly pointed out that she sneaked a peak, which in turn embarrassed her and caused her a very loud melt down in the middle of her party.  Keeping it real

 The old crew from Mrs. West's daycare.  I wish Juliana could have made this picture, although I am not sure where she was at the time, but Faith and Juliana started out at Mrs. West's when they were both tiny babies.  They have all literally grown up together and it's really cool to see the tight bond that they have maintained even though they are all at different places.

 Cake Time
 Make a wish!

 Finished piggies

 Two peas in a pod
 Baby Izzie loves Kota the dino.

 Party is winding down and Juj is taking a break
 Then after her party was the After Party at Chili's.  What birthday is complete without the  Birthday Brownie from Chili's?
 Then we got home and Liv and Ty got to work on Aunt Melissa and Aunt Teresa's backs.
 And finally Juj and Liv decided to crash in Livi's new tent, complete with new sleeping bags!

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