Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our First Trip To Build a Bear!

I know, I know, we are probably the only people who had never gone to Build a Bear. We had received bears as gifts before but had never had the experience. And I'm not going to lie - it's pretty darn cute.

So we had the pleasure of having lunch with our God daughter Ashley. Her birthday was in April (and unfortunately the day of our Golf for a Cure) so we needed a special birthday treat for her. Ashley had of course been there a time or two so it was nice to have someone show us the ropes.

Here is Ashley getting her bear stuffed!
Here is my little Juliana. I was worried she was going to miss out on all the fun because this is what she was like for about the first 20 minutes. We figured she chose the monkey since she grabbed it and fell back to sleep.
Here is Livi's turn to get her bear stuffed. This is just after she chose a heart for her bear and she was rubbing it to keep it warm.
Here is Juliana's monkey getting stuffed.
Thankfully, just as the monkey got stuffed, Juliana woke up! So here are the three girls with their naked animals.
Juliana loved her little monkey. I think the monkey's legs were as long as Juliana's.
So glad everyone was happy with their choice.
Next step, bath! Ashley had to show us how to operate this "bath". It uses air instead of water to get the fur nice and fluffy. Juju is watching from behind!
Livi's giving it a shot after watching Ashley.
Juju decided enough watching. She was ready to give her little monkey a bath!
More scrubbing. . . . .
and just a little more scrubbing for optimal fluffiness!
And here we are all dressed up. Can you tell that Juliana picked that outfit herself? A girl loves her jogging suits!
Here are Ashley & Jason's dressed bears!
And her is the pack!

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  1. I have not been there in awhile but Amy use to love to go there. After watching this I may just work there this summer. It looks like they had so much fun. Cute outfits they chose.