Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fiesta Del Rancho!

This past Saturday was the Fiesta del Rancho which is the annual fundraiser at Spirit Horse Ranch. It was our first year to attend, and despite huge threats of thunderstorms, we had a great afternoon with fantastic weather.

Here is Livi "jumping high to the sky!" This is what she says all the time.
So, against my better judgement, I was convinced to go into the jump tent. I was having a blast but quickly lost my balance. So this kid that was in with us comes up to me as I am fumbling to get up and says, "mam could you do that again, can you get up and jump?" So stupidly I manage to get up and jump again and he yells, "EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!" OUCH!
Here is Juju riding a horse. She is such a pro!
Look at that smile! She is a country mouse unfortunately born to two city mice. We're trying Juliana!
Here is the awesome Girl Power Team representing at the Rancho!
Livi getting her face painted. She is so serious!
Then Juju got her face painted - with a Girl Power flower of course!
Now it's Livi's turn to "pony up"

She's a pro too. Juju has taught her a lot!
Daddy & Juju with their shades!
Not to be left out - Livi with her shades.
Uncle Ray & Auntie Julie - with their shades
Aunt Linda & Aunt Gale
Micki, Roger & Juliana
Mmmm. . . Margaritas are yummy!
Risa, Me & Livi
The food was delicious, but I think Juju like the brownies the best!


  1. That was an amazing day. Juju did great riding her horse. What a wonderful place. It was a perfect day.

  2. HOW FUN!!!! I love all the smiles :)