Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big State Drug Rocks!!!!

Big State Drug is not only a Brooks' Favorite, but also an Irving landmark. What is Big State Drug, you may be asking. It is of course a drug store, with a full service pharmacy and pretty much anything you would need from cold medicine to ace bandages, but better than that is the old fashioned Soda Fountain and grill. The Brooks' have been coming here since we moved to Irving over 10 years ago. The folks there have become friends to us. In fact, the El Paso family cannot come to Irving and not go to Big State. Actually sometimes they come several times during their visit.

So, having said all of that, it wasn't surprising at all that Big State stepped it up and planted a Garden of Hope! Actually they are so supportive that they actually became part of the Garden of Hope! This is Cheryl and Leland. Cheryl is the best waitress and Leland is the greatest cook (If you are in Irving in the winter you have GOT to try his Chili! It is amazing!!!!)

Thank you so much Big State. It is really good to know there are businesses like you out there! Every dollar means one step closer to a cure! You rock - and we'll see you on Saturday for our usual Saturday "lunch at the Drug Store"!


  1. wooooohoooo! go big state! that is awesome!

  2. This is so great. Big State is the best place in Irving for sure.