Sunday, May 2, 2010

Central Texas Dream Team Garage Sale!

Central Texas Dream Team hosted their 3rd Garage Sale in honor of Juliana. A big thank you to Nolan Storage for hosting the event!

Here is the snack sales crew!
Sales crew taking a 5 minute break: Juliana, Roger, Classic & G.

This is Doris and her daughter. Doris was a very dear friend to Roger's mother Imma and we are always so glad to see her!

Juju, taking another 5 minute break to enjoy her some McDonald's.
After a long days work, the Dream Team decided to go out for some German food.

It seemed odd to me at first that there would be such authentic German food in Killeen, but then I remembered that it is home to Fort Hood. Here is a picture of my plate: weiner schnitzel with home fries. Yummy!

And before we headed back on the road to Dallas, we had to stop by to visit Grandma Imma. We are often saddened by the fact that she never got to meet Juliana, and then we realize that she did. She is always here in spirit with us. Juliana got a case of the giggles while we were there. I'm sure grandma had something to do with it.

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