Sunday, May 2, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting Olivia!

So the last couple of times that Nino Ray and Nina Julie have come over, Olivia wants to go home with them. Like she's literally cried at the door because she wants to go so bad but each time it has been a school night or something so she hasn't been able to go. So Nino and Nina invited her over this past weekend. And although we'd like to say that we enjoyed the free time or something like that, I have to admit we REALLY REALLY missed her. Anyway, I am very glad to say she didn't miss us. She had a blast and here are the pictures to prove it!

Here she is waking up.
Good Morning!
Here she is eating breakfast with Lamby at Main Street Bistro.
Here she is reading with Nino at the library.
A little snack before they hit the festival. Nina Julie has been going to Cottonwood Arts Festival since she was a little girl. So she decided to start a new tradition with Olivia.

Here is a little Yorkie puppy that she just couldn't live without! Better give that puppy back - I don't think you have enough in your piggy bank for him. All she wants is a dog that won't growl at her the way Casey does.
Then they went to the pond to feed some geese.

Here is a video of her feeding herself and the geese some popcorn. Nino Ray, 5 second rule does not count! Thanks for looking out for her Nina Julie!

At the park

Not sure what these were but they sure look fun and colorful. I keep asking Livi what they were (did you climb them, did you swing on them, did you tie die some blankets) but she just says "Yeah".

I don't really think she knew what to do with them either.
Then after a full day of festival, Jason's Deli and boy was she thirsty!
That's better. Stick with the juice!


  1. how fun!!! wish i would've run into them!

  2. Wow it looks like Livi had a blast. Great memories for sure. She is lucky to have such a great Aunt and Uncle to do all those fun things with her.