Thursday, July 8, 2010

El Paso Trip: Day Four

Day Four was basically our prep day before the big day. Both mentally and physically. Roger, Omi and David went to work in the kitchen to prep as much of the food as they could for the next day, then we met them for dinner at the restaurant. Here is Livi and to say that she enjoyed her spaghetti would be an understatement. She actually knows how to twirl the spaghetti onto her fork. I have no idea where she learned this but she is a pro!

That's not say that she doesn't also appreciate slurping noodles up as well.

And this is Juju after finishing off a full bowl of spaghetti. She loved it!
This is the delicious pizza that Risa and I shared.

This is Roger's burger. Only Roger would order a hamburger at an Italian restaurant but he said it was delicious, complete with made from scratch bun and french fries.

Here are Denise and Bob, friends of Monteleone's.

Here is Olivia making her best surprise face. Thanks to Marisa, she like to make different faces at the camera.

So after we had dinner, the restaurant really got busy and everyone went to work. Well everyone except for me, the girls and Risa. We went over to visit with Uncle Eddie, Nick and Leila, the dog. Do you think Olivia likes her? At this point, she is basically enamored with any dog that doesn't growl at her the way ours does.

Here was Livi trying to get a hug in. By the way, Juliana was conked out on her uncle Eddie by now. This heat really kicks her butt.

Here are the two friends. Can you see Leila is actually smiling!

Nick and Olivia

Then it was off to bed to get everyone ready for the big day!

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  1. Thanks for the great pictures. Looks like everyone is really having fun. Glad everything is going good.