Tuesday, July 6, 2010

El Paso Trip: Day Two

So here we are day 2. This is a very happy Juliana after having a great breakfast compliments of our hotel. Nothing like waffles, sausage and all kinds of extras. We left Midland for the rest of our trip; about another 300 miles.

This is pretty much the scenery all the way to El Paso. We also passed a ton of wind mills which Roger is totally fascinated with but unfortunately I didn't get any pictures.
And here is our big girl Olivia who declared that she needed to use the bathroom about 70 miles outside of the nearest town, so we did what we had to do! Good thing we brought our little potty.
And this is our friend Marisa who decided to take her a little snooze. Sorry Risa if you snooze you lose, or in this case you get a funny picture taken. Don't feel bad, Juliana and Olivia also got caught.

So once we got to El Paso, we visited for awhile, had an amazing cook out with ribs, burgers and chili dogs. Yummy! Then we went to see Laura & Gary's new house. They had originally bought this house located across the street from the restaurant for additional parking. But after taking a closer look and some careful consideration, they discovered this little house was a jewel in the rough. It was built in the very early 1900's (around 1910) and is mostly all original (fixtures, doors, molding etc.) So they decided to fix it up and it will eventually become their home.
Here's the mail box. Olivia found it very fascinating.
Here is the kitchen.
The old Coca-Cola machine has a flat screen attached and the inside is used as a cubbard.
Kitchen Sink
Stove/oven - and it really works! Not original to the house but still really cool!
Fire place - all original! I just love all of the wood!
And this is the back of the restaurant. We were able to see fire works from here which was really cool.
Hanging out on the porch of the house.
Juliana with her cousin Phillip.
Then Uncle Gary and Olivia decided to water the tree (and eventually Olivia watered herself. She loves water!)
Here are the girls with Uncle Eddie. I was calling Juliana, trying to get her attention so Olivia helped me out.
This is the famous star that shines on the mountains over El Paso. Their new house even has an amazing view of the mountains!
Omi and Juliana
And Juliana with her favorite Auntie Laura! She always has so much fun with Laura and Gary!

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  1. I love the house. It looks like it has many neat things. Good job for Livi using her potty chair out in the nature.