Tuesday, July 13, 2010

El Paso Trip: Day Seven

Ok, this post is mostly about good food. It was our last day in El Paso, so you know we had to get one last meal in at Monteleone's. I know you will be shocked by this, but Roger ordered . . . . drum roll please. . . . he ordered A HAMBURGER! Yup, Mr. Brooks got a hamburger at an Italian restaurant. But in his defense this is no ordinary burger. It is made with a home made bun, hand made patti and fresh cheese. Fries are also home made and also delicious.

David, Marisa and I ordered the Monteleone Medley (for the second time) which consists of fried zucchini, fried cheese and fried pizza. The fried pizza are those deliciously fried pillows of goodness. I will miss you Monteleone Medley!!!!!!!!!!
So after lunch it was back on the road to Midland. Juliana listened to her Mickey Mouse music for about 1 hour, watched about 2 hours of Mickey Mouse and then napped for about an hour, dreaming of her Mickey Mouse.
Risa & Livi snacked on some Mickey Mouse cookies we had made while we were there.
And here are their tongues after said Mickey Mouse cookies.After a 5 hour ride, we arrived in Midland, TX. We checked into our hotel and made our way to the Cracker Barrel. Here is my little genius solving the Cracker Barrel puzzle.
Roger & Marisa decided to go for breakfast and both ordered the French Toast.
David had a 1/2 lb Burger
And I had an amazing Campfire Beef. I loved it!!!!
From there it was back to the hotel for an early night and up with the chickens to head back to Dallas.

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