Monday, July 5, 2010

El Paso Trip: Day One

Our trip started off with our annual Irving 4th of July Parade. Here we are getting ready for it!
Here are Gabbi and Olivia. This was a very special year for the parade because this year Gabbi has decided to step down as candy grabber and train Olivia to take her place. Here is Gabbi giving her the pre-game low down.
Although we weren't looking forward to getting up so early, we were very glad to be there!
Unfortunately Juliana decided that she needed a nap. Well, I don't know if she decided exactly or if it was the 100% humidity and heat that knocked her out.
Here are the girls in action! They actually filled that gray back with candy and treats!
Olivia was a little proud of her necklace collection.
One of the many great performers in the parade. We are seriously thinking of making a Girl Power float for next year's parade.
After the parade we were on the road. We decided to take it easy and and just drive half the way to Midland, TX. Around 340 miles from Dallas. Here is Juliana watching Mickey Mouse.
And here is Olivia playing on her Leapster.
And here is the caboose! Happy times!
And here is our wonderful driver - Mr. Brooks
Here is Olivia playing peek-a-boo.
And here is Juliana after a long nap!
After finally making it to Midland we stopped for dinner at the Olive Garden!
The rest of the cure!

And here are Risa & Livi being a little silly. I guess that's what happens after 5 hours in a car!


  1. My goodness you guys are really busy and looks like you are really having fun. Good luck for tomorrow.

  2. Oh my, you guys are soooo much fun!!! I love the pics!! Looks like a great time!