Saturday, July 31, 2010


This week we had the pleasure of visiting with our friend Lindsay and her little one, Tanner. Olivia heard someone refer to him and T-Bone so she started calling him "T-Bow". Unfortunately for T-Bow, Livi has been very lonely for someone to play dress up with, so before we could stop her, she dressed him up in her best princess attire. Thanks T-Bow for being such a good sport! And just in case you were wondering, we have never had a more tough or manly princess in the house. You rock!


  1. What the heehaw!! Lindsay just now revealed to me y'alls torturous behavior towards my first born son...and I am not a happy Daddy:( Lindsay is laughing histerically, and I'm still in shock:) You big goof-balls!

  2. clearly my husband responded above :)

  3. This looks like Livi had a fun time with Tanner. I would have loved to see this in action. Fun times for sure.