Tuesday, July 13, 2010

El Paso Trip: Day Six

Well, day six for us was a bit of a re cooperation day for us. We got up late and took our time getting ready. And just as we were all ready, Roger passed out on the couch.

And like father, like daughter, Juliana passed out as well.

So after everyone woke up from their little morning snooze, we were off. First to lunch and then to visit Juliana's new good friend Virginia. Virginia has been a patron of Monteleone's for years and after seeing Juliana's picture in a flier there, she joined the Juliana Dream Team. She worked so hard this year for our fundraiser selling tickets and getting donations. Thank you so much to Virginia and GraybaR. We will definitely keep in touch!

These girls were fast friends! Juliana made herself comfortable on Virginia's shoulder. Thanks Virginia for being a great friend.

So after we visited awhile with Virginia we went to the movies to see Toy Story in 3D. It was awesome and yes I belong to the millions of dorks that cried at this movie. Juliana owes me about $9 since she decided to sleep through 80% of the movie.

And here is Livi, Risa & David
And after the movies we went for a delicious dinner at Monteleon's. Here are David & Livi making the same exact funny face.
This is our friend Aracely. She also volunteered and worked her booty off for the fundraiser. Thanks Aracely.

And of course, here is Juliana with her BESTEST friend. They talked and giggled and eventually she fell asleep on her Nina Laura.

After the restaurant we went to say our good byes to my brother Eddie's family. Olivia wanted to take Layla home with her. Sorry Livi, but Casey wouldn't like that.

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  1. Looks like everyone had a good time on your trip. It looks like Livi really likes the dog.