Friday, July 6, 2012

Dallas Museum of Science

Museum time!  We love going to the Museums of Science.  We came this time to the Dallas museum since they had a special Magic School Bus exhibit and that is currently Olivia's favorite show.

 First stop - giant bubbles!

 Then exploring air with ping pong balls
 Then the Magic School Bus Exhibit - which side note was a bit of a disappointment because at the entrance there was a big sign saying Ms. Frizzle would be there live so look for her around the exhibit.  We got Livi all excited and guess what. . . . . . No Frizzle :(

 Exploring what absorbs more heat

 Exploring how the Earth rotates around the sun
 Hanging at the Frizzle's desk

 Liv and Juj giving the weather
 This was a thermal camera to show heat  That is Roger's super hot head and Juliana right in front of him.
 This was in the dress up section.
 Her own private dressing room
 Liv playing some tunes
 Juj on the drums
 Water play section

 This was my brilliant idea to get her on a tricycle.  Let's just say it was kind of slippery and she ended up on the ground:(
 The milk maid

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