Thursday, July 12, 2012

Super Summer Science - Take 3 - Jelly Balls

This was a fun, easy and cheap experiment.  I'm not sure what these are officially called, but they are tiny little balls that hydrate into these super fun jelly balls.
 Look how tiny they are!
 Juliana was not impressed at this point
 After about 30 minutes - Wow!  Have to say it was kind of a bummer because they wanted to see what would happen so we sat and watched while these tiny balls hydrated themselves.  Would have been much more awesome to soak the night before.
 And after about an hour!  So we put our hands in them. . . .
 We stuck our feet in them. . . . . .
 They were so cool and wet and slimy!
 It was kind of funny because it kept tickling Juliana's feet, which in turn made her violently kick the little jelly balls all over the carpet!
 She preferred touching them with her hands!
 Liv preferred the feet:)
 Then we sorted colors!
All in all a great Super Summer Science day!  I ordered them on amazon for literally about $5 including shipping and they lasted forever.  We also found that you can take them out of water and reuse later! 

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