Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tobii Travels

So most of you know that Juliana has had a Tobii with eye-gaze for about a year now.  It is basically a computer that she can control with her eyes.  This computer is literally her voice.  It has changed our lives but unfortunately until recently it was only used at home and at school.  The reason?  It is a pretty heavy and VERY expensive device.  We have table mounts which makes it easy to use at home at at school but not very easy when you go to Costco or out to dinner.  So we finally were able to get a wheel chair mount - which means this device will now go with her wherever she goes.  We were so excited because she loves to go shopping and out to eat but we always felt sad that she couldn't express herself adequately in those situations.  So we had to try it out asap.  We thought Ikea would be a good test since there is lots of shopping and a food court.
We were kind of curious as to how this would play out.  I mean I figure people would be curious what the huge device was and want to see it or ask questions, which we are totally fine with.  I just didn't know how Juliana would feel.  Would she be embarrassed to have it with her and have people staring at her or would she be proud to have such a cool machine.  Well, I have to say, not many stares or questions and very happy to report that she was as proud as she could be.  Towards the end of our trip we got into the elevator which was full of people and extremely quiet as most elevator rides tend to be.  Juliana noticed a lady looking in her direction.  Juliana made serious eye contact with this lady, as if to say "I'm talking to YOU." and then on her computer proudly said "YOU - LOOK"  We all kind of giggled and the lady looked at her computer.  She is such a cool kid!

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