Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Super Summer Science - Take 2 - Slime!

For the second installment of Super Summer Science we decided we would make slime!  What you need for this experiment is:
  • Elmer's Glue
  • Water
  • Borax
  • Food Coloring
 Step 1 - Pour glue in the container.  After I bought the glue I read it's cooler if you use the clear glue.  Oh well, next time.  We used 2 bottles.
 Step 2 - Mix 1 tablespoon of the Borax with warm water until dissolved.
 Step 3 - Add a cup of water to the glue and mix with food color
 Step 4 - Add the two mixtures together
 Step 5 - keep stirring
 For those with a weak stomach, I would not recommend going with the green color because it literally looked like nasty infected snot.  It was pretty nasty and then after it solidified a bit more it looked more just like slime.  But in the beginning, trust me, it's nasty!
 This is Livi's Gross Face!

 Playing with the slime

 Then we discovered that this slime substance is the exact same substance they put in those little jars to make fart sounds.  So like any great parents I looked for a small jar but all I found was a shot glass.  Guess what it works just as good.  Here is Liv's face as she made fart sounds.

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