Friday, May 3, 2013

Bathroom Remodel

The long awaited bathroom remodel is FINALLY finished.  We have been dreaming of this remodel for several years because our old bathroom was decreasing our quality of life.  I know that sounds dramatic.  But it was a very skinny L shape with no bath tub and very narrow for carrying 6 year old child in and out of the potty.  So her is the before.  This was my vanity and the door leading into the L shaped bathroom.  And no, I did not choose those gold Hollywood lighting.  It was here when we bought the house.
 And this was a walk in closet in front of my vanity.  Yes, the people before us loved mirrors!
 So, just to give you a little sneak peak, that walk in closet will become our new shower and the vanity area will now be part of the bathroom.
 This was the tiny counter space and that dark area to the left was where the toilet was.  Imagine squeezing in that tiny corner with a 6 year old child several times a day to go potty.
 This is the other side to our "L" shape which is the door leading to the living room and the shower.  Yes, it was actually that narrow.

 One last look at the little toilet peeking out of the corner.  And yes, that is Juliana's PODD page by the toilet.
 And one last look out into our bedroom.
So here were the plans if you can make any sense of them.
 And then came the demo
 This is the wall paper behind the mirror on my vanity because the only thing these people loved more than mirrors was wall paper.
 Gold wall paper

 And more demo

 And then they took down the wall going into Juliana's room.  Can you see Mickey Mouse?

 Concrete was poured

 Framing went up
 Walls went back up

 Tile was laid.  And yes friends, that wood is TILE.  I love it!

 Doors were installed

 New toilet installed

 Walls up where once there was a doorway.

 Cabinets installed

 Wood stained

 Counters installed
 Fixtures installed

 Bath tub installed.
 Shower door installed - perfect for a party in the shower!

And finally the bathroom mirrors.  Possibly my favorite part.

All in all the perfect bathroom for all of our needs.  Now we have access from both Juliana's room and ours, wide open spaces and a shower and bath down stairs.  Thank you Jesus, never thought a bathroom could improve your quality of life this much, but IT CAN!

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