Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Breakfast

This is Olivia's last year at Children's Discovery Center and I am so sad.  This school has been the perfect place for Olivia.  We have seen her grow into quite an amazing young lady.  So Children's Discovery Center has a very special tradition for Mother's Day call Mother's Day Breakfast, which I live for and I am so sad that this is my last:(  So the Friday before Mother's day, they host a beautiful breakfast that the children prepare the day before.  So here we are getting ready.  And yes, I let her wear a little make up.  She was so excited.

So they serenaded us with some really sweet mommy songs

Then they read an interview which they did the week before and this is where the mom's are all praying that thier kid doesn't say something to embarrass them.  Like last year when Olivia said the best thing I cook for dinner is corn dogs or your actual age.  This year, nothing too bad.  Good Job Olivia!
Here she is with Evan - he has been like a younger brother to Liv, mainly because they have been together since Evan was born and she likes to boss him around. 

This is her good pal Ronke. Nothing but giggles when they are together
And this is the principal of Children's Discovery Center, Mrs. Mays.  She rocks!
Another wonderful Mother's Day Breakfast in the books.  CDC we will miss you!

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