Friday, May 10, 2013

Mommy and Livi Day

So after Mother's Day Breakfast, school is out and you take your little one with you.  It's a great excuse for taking a whole day off of work.  So we went home and got our matching comfy clothes on and officially started Mommy Livi Day!  First stop - Ice skating!  This was her first time.
And let's just say much harder than she ever expected.
But she never gave up!
Here we are sitting for a break.  Is it possible I had to look twice at this picture because I couldn't tell which was my leg and which was my 5 year old daughters leg.
I eventually convinced her to/peeled her off of the wall.

Next stop - Chuy's Mexican for lunch!
I freakin' love this salsa!  I'm pretty sure I could drink it alone and still love it.  It's just so fresh and simple.
Then they brought out some ranch for Olivia and she was in ranch heaven.
Here we are for the mustache contest

Best long and skinny goes to Olivia, Best Bow-Like Mustache goes to ME!!!

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