Monday, May 13, 2013

Snaggle Tooth

So lately Olivia has enjoyed spinning.  Not like spin class, but rather like twirling until you become dizzy.  She has gotten a few bumps and scrapes because of this past time but nothing too serious, so we just chalked it up to normal kid wear and tear, right?  WRONG.  At school she started spinning, got dizzy and took a tumble on top of a tricycle.  This is what occured. . . . . . 
I of course was devastated.  But I thought no big deal, right?  It's a baby tooth.  WRONG.  Dentist said if it is cracked all the way through the root it can damage her permanant tooth!  YIKES!  So off to the dentist we headed the next day.  Good news is that they were able to bond it so it looks back to normand and even better news it is not cracked!

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