Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Field Day 2013

Juliana's first Field Day was a success!  She was able participate in most events and the ones she didn't she was the best cheer leader ever!  Here she is in the noodle race!

And the best part of Field Day was the tug of war.  This is serious business.  They do it in heats, and Ms. Miller's class made it to the final heat.  Let's just say Ms. Miller is very serious about winning.  She pumped her kids up and promised to never give up. Here she is in the final heat.  I think the rope actually around her neck at this point, but the important part is that THEY WON!

And what does one win when you win the Tug of War, you might be asking.  Well, you win this amazing dodge ball hat that proclaims you the winner.  Yes, my class won as well!

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