Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Good Times Again

For those that don't know, this year has been filled with some ups and downs.  We started off the year and all was well UNTIL - she got sick.  Yup it happens.  But usually you get sick and get over it and back normal right?  Well not so for Juliana.  She started off with a stomach bug, then a virus with tons of fever and few weeks later pneumonia.  All of this between December and January.  And for a long time she just wasn't the same.  The fever was gone as well as the pneumonia, but things were still not right.  She was back to sleeping for hours at school and when she was awake she was completely disinterested and unfocused.  Kind of like a zombie.  But, thank God, we are back on the up swing!  Her personality is back, she is staying awake all day and whats even better is that while she is awake she is focused and engaged.  We started giving her fish oil everyday and I don't know if it's the fish oil or just a strange coincidence, but since started we have seen major changes.  We will stay on fish oil forever if this is the result.

Here she is working on poetry notebook with Ms. Bustos.

 Here she is working with her Speech teacher Ms. Johnson
 I think she loves this story

 Here she is working with their 4th grade buddies on the iPad
So glad we are finishing up the year strong!

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