Sunday, October 27, 2013


This girl is a trooper.  So it was time to do another EEG, and since school was reporting that she "zones out" they recommended that we do a mobile EEG.  The Pro's of the mobile EEG:
1. You get to sleep in your own bed with your own stuff rather than be in a hospital or facility for 48 hours.
2. You get to see what's going on on a normal typical day.
The cons to a mobile EEG:
1. You have to maintain your regular schedule of school and therapy all while wearing at gauze hat with 1 million little wires coming out of your head.

But Juj didn't mind a bit.  Okay, maybe she minded a bit, but she got through it with her beautiful smile.
And since I'm so behind on the blog we have now long since gotten the results.  And it turns out that yes, some of the times when she "zones out" at school are seizures.  We kind of knew this.  The other interesting thing is that she is not getting quality sleep at night.  So despite the fact that she is in bed with eyes shut and little to no movement, she is not really sleeping.  So we will modify her meds a bit and hope for the best.

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