Saturday, October 26, 2013

Official Six Flaggers

 We decided it was finally time get season passes to Six Flags Over Texas.  Why?
1. Last year we spent a ton going to Sea World, where the only thing they really enjoyed was the one and only roller coaster they could ride.
2.  We live like 8 miles from it.

 So we went on our first Six Flags adventure, wondering if they would like it or love it.  Were they big enough?
 So we started out on the kiddy rides. Liv liked them ok, Juliana not so much.  I mean she is 7 years old for crying out loud.

 So we thought, OK, let's go all out and try the Judge Roy Scream.  Which one do you think she liked better?
 What can I say, they are both dare devils.  We proceeded to ride everything they were tall enough for (which even included that bobsled like ride) and had a blast.  Here's to many more fun days at Six Flags!

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