Friday, October 4, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Price

Ashley was the girls nanny from June 2013 through May of 2014 when she moved to Chicago.  The girls were devastated to see her go, but were very excited when asked to be the flower girls in her wedding.  
 Actually, Juliana was not thrilled about it at all.  Not that she doesn't love Ashley, she just hates being the center of attention.  So when it was their turn to walk down the aisle, Liv of course beamed and Juliana had a little melt down, where she ended up losing a shoe:(

 And here is Ash coming in on the arms of her dad and grandpa.
 Apparently Liv was the only one feeling this picture.
 Here are my cuties - as you can see Juliana is still recovering from the trauma of being a flower girl.

 But then it was time to cut loose and dance.  Both my girls were in HEAVEN!!!  The love a party and they love to get down!
 Livi's 1st ever Macarena

 And then Juj broke out on the dance floor and had a BLAST
 She loves to cut a rug!

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