Saturday, October 5, 2013

Miracle League

For those of you that haven't heard, Miracle League is a soft ball league for kids with special needs.  It partners them with typical peer to do whatever it takes to help them play soft ball.  We had heard of it for several years but never really looked into it.  Honestly, Roger and I aren't really that big into sports and I had never played soft ball and let's face it, I have two girly girls and never really thought Juliana would be interested in soft ball.  Well, turns out a teacher at her elementary school is a coach for one of the Miracle League teams and she recruited Juliana.  So we thought, ok, let's give this a try.    Let me tell you that we have been so impressed with this organization.  Juliana LOVED playing.  And we LOVED watching her play.  They have a gorgeous field, but on apparently the only day I would take pictures it was raining so we played indoors.  Here is Juliana with her posse of middle school girls that were helping her.  She was so proud to get to hang out with the big girls.  What's funny is that the girls came over and asked if they could take her and I immediately panicked.  She doesn't know them, she will be uncomfortable, she will be scared.  But I let go, and said, sure.  And guess what, Juliana was fine.  In fact, she loved it!

So her partners helped out when she was in her wheel chair, but Juliana decided she wanted to get out of that chair and walk herself!  So I stepped in to help!
Here we are running to first base!
and she's safe!
This is the coach from the opposing team.  As you can see it is a very friendly and nurturing environment

Next time up, Daddy went to bat for her
Again - look at the coach from the opposing team.  She went out of her way to make sure every kid felt special.
Another awesome buddy.
Sliding into home plate
Group picture!

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