Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

What can we say, Juliana and Liv pretty much have the best daddy in the whole wide world.  So the girls were more than excited to plan a special day for their dear old daddy!  We baked a cake for daddy.  This was a big deal because for those of you that know Juliana, she is in bed by 8pm and if she's not in bed, her eyes are shut wherever she is.  She will literally shut down when she is tired, no matter where she is or what she's doing.  Well, we got started on the cake a little late on Saturday.  It didn't come out of the oven until 9pm and then we had to let it cool down.  But take a look at this face.  She was wide awake and excited because she was doing it for daddy!

 Here is Juj smearing on the frosting.
 Of course Liv had to have a turn too.
 So much fun!
 And yes, check out the glasses on Liv.  Her future's so bright, she has to wear shades!  And take a look at Juliana.  This is where she is making her plan of action.
 And here is plan executed.  She really really wanted to try it!  She couldn't help it!  What was really funny is that by the time we got her hand out she had 3 fingers fully covered with cake and frosting.  So Olivia asks if she can clean of Juju's fingers.  I say sure only to look over and see her licking her fingers.  Not what I had in mind when she said "clean her fingers."

And now for the list of reasons why we love daddy so much. . . . .

1. Because we are daddy's girls!
 2. He is fun to go swimming with
3. He tickles us
4. He gives us lots of hugs and kisses
5. He reads great stories to us
 6. He carries us to bed at night
7. Sometimes he plays spooky monsters with me (from Olivia)
8. He shares his ice cream with us (from Juliana)
9. He takes us to Chuck E. Cheese sometimes
10.  He's good at playing babies with us
11.  He's always there to stand up and support us! 

12. And my favorite.  Olivia came up with this one all by herself.  She said, and I quote, "I like his smile when we do something that makes him proud of us!"

We love you daddy!

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  1. I love this post. Our Oaklynn is always digging her fingers in others food. I can just see her little sister asking to "clean her up" when she gets older, lol. So sweet.