Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Do's

The girls decided together that they needed a new look for summer and I couldn't have agreed more.  They both had pretty long hair that was in my opinion starting to look kind of witchy. 

So we rushed over to Marta's for hair cuts! 
 Juliana is like me in that hair cuts make her sleepy, so I had to help hold her up.
 It looked so much fresher and healthier.
 Next was Livi's turn.  I couldn't believe how long her hair had gotten!
 She had her eagle eyes on Marta the whole time!
 She loved every second.
 And this is collectively how much hair was cut off!
 And the final product!

Check them out.  Juliana cut off about 3 inches to reveal this very mature little curly bob!
Liv cut off about 4 inches and at the last minute decided to go for bangs.
It looked awesome, but after more careful observation I noticed a resemblance.  What do you think?

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