Friday, June 22, 2012

Science Museum

Just a fun afternoon at the Fort Worth Science Museum.  We were there about an hour before I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures.  So here we are exploring air and airplanes!

Here we are at the general store picking up a few items.
 I don't know what kind of natural catastrophe has just taken place, but the shelves look kind of bare:(
 Juliana did great taking steps while holding on to the shopping cart.

 Looks like Livi is ready to check out!
 Juliana wanted to do the self check out lane.

 Next stop the nursery.  Juliana was taking care of this little bundle of joy.
 She loves babies!
 and of course their is the Doc.
 Juju didn't want to give back the baby.  She got kind of attached to her.
 Livi and Faith taking off in the ambulance.
 And finally, Liv was brave enough to lay on the bed of nails!  The kid is so brave - she will try anything!

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