Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Time!

Well, summer is in full swing at the Brooks Hacienda.  And our number one favorite thing to do is . . . . . SWIMMING!  We love it.  If you remember last year Olivia officially became a swimmer!  She was swimming with no problem.  No assistance needed and she loved it.  So you can imagine my shock when this year starts and she's not that excited about swimming.  I got her to go in and she was ok with that as long as I wasn't asking her to submerge her face in the water.  Then she would freak out!  I tried the nice approach, I tried the tough love approach, I even tried bribery and NOTHING worked.  She refused to put her face in the water.  So fast forward another week and here were are.  She became ok with putting her face in the water but couldn't open her eyes under water.  No big deal right?  Well, actually kind of a big deal because it was all fine an dandy if things were where she thought they should be, but if the wall or stairs were not right where she thought they should be she'd freak out and nearly drown.  I finally got her to jump off the board, something she did last year with ease, but this year only with a floaty.  

 It was really bumming me out that she was so afraid of the water. I missed her being excited about swimming and being the brave little 3 year old she used to be. Well after weeks of praying, begging, punishing, and bribing, she finally did it!  She, on her own, decided that for Father's day she would swim with her head in the water and eyes open!  And it was that easy.  Her fears vanished! Hallelujah!  She is back to being a swimmer or rather mermaid as she likes to refer to herself as!

And for your viewing enjoyment, here is Liv modeling her and Juliana's new swim suits!


And thankfully Juju never lost her love of swimming.  This is her face after a nice afternoon in the water.

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